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Cherished Pet Portraits: Preserve the spirit of furry companions forever. Order a custom pet portrait encapsulate the unique personality of your pet, a timeless tribute to the bond. 

Pet Portrait Paintings by Australian Artist Elena Valerie

Feel the beauty of nature in your home with exquisite flower paintings from Elena Valerie Art. Each unique piece of floral art is exquisitely crafted to exquisitely decorate your walls with elegant art that is sure to leave guests speechless.

Flower Paintings

 Elena Valerie offers creative and unique Live Wedding Painting service. Imagine being able to preserve your special day with an original oil painting created right in front of your guests during your celebration! 

Live Wedding Paintings

 Reach out today to commission your bespoke oil painting and infuse your world with beauty and sentiment.

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Coronation flower painting in oil

Original paintings filled with love and passion. Flowers captured at the prime moment. The layers of the paint and beautiful color combinations gave them extra vibrancy. I feel very lucky to cross path with Elena. I couldn’t help “pausing” myself and admired at the paintings every time I walked passed them.

Dog portrait in oil

Jaime C.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for my amazing painting. It is absolutely incredible! I Love it so, so much. I cried when I opened it, you have captured a wonderful moment in time.

Wedding painting

Lisa B.

Thank you for the beautiful oil painting  from our wedding. We love it so much.

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