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Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Would you like a unique and adorable pet portrait that perfectly complements your interior and captures the essence of your beloved pet?

Pet portrait commissions offer you a convenient way to have a custom painting created for you in under a month.

Here's an example of our most recent commission. Both the Koala and Bunny were created for a single client and will be displayed in the same bedroom. We adjusted their colors and sizes to ensure they harmonize perfectly with each other and the room's interior.


Send me the best photo of your beloved companion that you would like to have painted. Tell me what size you want the painting to be and if you want any adjustments made to it. The pet portrait can be painted on a canvas with a wide edge, so you won't need to frame it; it's ready to hang. Alternatively, you can choose a wooden board for a smoother effect, where you can appreciate more texture, and it can then be framed.


After discussing all the details and agreeing on the price, we require a non-refundable 20% deposit. This deposit covers the cost of materials and the time invested in the initial stages.

Custom Portrait: King Charles Spaniel Oil Painting by Australian Artist Elena Valerie. Immortalize Your Beloved Pet with a Unique Commissioned Artwork.
Custom Portrait: King Charles Spaniel Oil Painting by Australian Artist Elena Valerie


Photos of the work in progress will be sent to you so you can track its progress.

Once the artwork is complete, high-resolution photos and a video will be provided for your final approval.

Upon your satisfaction with the pet portrait, you will make the final payment, and the artwork will be shipped to you via courier.

Free shipping is provided, along with a 7-day return guarantee.

If you would like to commission a pet portraipet portria, please inquire now by contacting.

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