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PAINTING FROM LIFE - Romantic Collection Of Flowers

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Throughout my journey of being an artist I have been immersing myself to explore the beauty live paintings bring. After realizing the true meaning of recreating an artwork from life, I have started to practice this with different flowers. The experience even from observing the angles of light and colours of a flower to transferring nature onto a canvas is truly rewarding and is amazing to see the process take shape. Due to this, I am happy to present you a new romantic collection of flowers.

There are many ways live painting is certainly better than working from photographs: the unlimited access of angles, lighting and the true shade of the flower is perfection to any artist who wants to reach the full potential within the artworks, as it is interchangeable to the artist’s heart’s content.

Furthermore, many artists say, and I agree that working from photographs causes the final painting to be flat and less life in the colours. The way that you can sit and depict accurately the colouring and the shape without having to look at pixels, further enhances the quality to be replicated onto the canvas.

Many artists may agree that there is only one disadvantage…


As time goes on, everything is changing, either the flower is expanding further and changing shape, wilting or the day is too short and the changes of light. However, I am trying to use this as a benefit because it helps me to concentrate and stimulates myself to work productively, faster and I quite like it as it makes me forget about any other tasks to be done and only focus on painting that makes me happy and the hours fly by.

I would love to hear anything from you, feel free to ask questions in the comments below also you can tell me what your favorite flower is, and I would be happy to paint it!

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