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PET PORTRAIT WORKSHOP - How to paint a dog portrait in white

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

This rainy Saturday was a perfect day to spent in the studio and learn how to paint animals in white. We did a portrait of a white Saluki dog called Shazam.

At first, we discussed tonal values, and completed some exercise as it is the most important for your painting making up 70% of your success after drawing.

Moreover, we went over the Munsell's colour mixing system and utilized the gray scale to premix our colours for the portrait.

We learnt how to keep tonal value under control and safely alternate the colours, finding all of the shades of white.

Continuing on, we learnt the fine details of the eyes, making the painting look alive and vivid, as well as how to approach recreating the background.

Finally, everyone agreed that painting a dog portrait is very rewarding because the final result is a cute creature staring back at you, heart-warming you of your success.

Thank you for everyone who attended the masterclass, it was a pleasure working with such passionate and talented people!

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