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This portrait of Louis, a cherished Large Munsterlander, was commissioned by his loving owners, as a heartfelt tribute to their loyal companion who had been with them for nearly 14 years. When I was approached to create this piece, I felt honoured to capture the essence of such a beloved family member.


What a beautiful soul of a beautiful creature... You can see it in his eyes... the depth of all those wonderful moments he shared with his family. Every stroke here echoes a memory. His playful spirit, his loyalty...

Creating this portrait was not just about achieving a likeness. It was about capturing the essence...


And as I paint, I realize... his story lives on in this canvas. A testament to a bond unbroken by time. A beautiful soul immortalized... a fitting tribute to a companion dearly missed. There. A piece of your heart, forever on display.


Order your own custom pet portrait today and cherish your furry friend forever.


In Loving Memory of Louise

  • Original oil painting of Munsterlander dog.

    Oil on canvas.

    60cm (W) x 50cm (H)

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