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Everybody in Australia knows this magnificent purple tree that is blossoming every spring. The Jacaranda.

What kind of sentiment do you feel when you see such striking purple tree? Are you in love with the colour? Do you feel magic or rather romantic. Are memories of good times set in motion?

The tree itself is full of beauty, but have you ever seen a single flower close up? I was amazed when I did it!

Tiny fluffy and hairy lilac bells with heart shaped petals and when you look close inside, you'll discover a yellow “arrow” with a charming feather like and sparkling tip. It could be a Cupid’s arrow for all I know.

The Cupid acts as a symbol of love as the angel that will be at your side to help you find not only true love, but also great wealth.

And the arrows are ready for the Cupid to keep charming hearts and making dreams come true. It is said that when the Cupid’s arrow strikes you directly in the heart, you’ll fall in love with the first person you meet.


  • Oil on wooden panel.



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