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Soft, delicate and romantic. Peonies have become one of the most popular and symbolic flowers in art though the ages. Enveloping love, honour and prosperity, the pink peony has long been a desirable flower. With airs of romance and elegance, this painting echoes the beauty of the renaissance period. The contrast of the light, delicate peonies against the background, evokes a sense of romance through its soft colours. The delicate pink buds of the peony flower bloom into sweet rose shaped blossoms, creating orbs of ivory tipped blooms. To illustrate the gentle grace of the peony, oil is used as the perfect medium to depict the graceful transiency of these flowers. Using high quality oil paints and pure pigments, the delicate flower is captured in a loose ruffled arrangement, eternalising the beauty of the peony. Sophisticated with a modern twist, this painting would bring an artistic aesthetic to any room.

Peony Flowers

  • Oil paint on canvas with thick white edges.

    152cm (W) x 101cm (H) x 3.5cm (D)

    Ready to hang.

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