"The Sensual Camellia"

From Photo to Canvas.

Camellia from Mt. Tambourine Botanical garden.

Camellias were in blossom: pink, red, white flowers and petals had covered everything around, like a garden was preparing for the wedding day. Among the thousands of flowers with different colors and shapes, you were attracted by the one. It was that flower with half-open and half-closed center ready to be exposed and show beauty and also not ready yet. Like it was preparing to something special. It has most beautiful dress with so many different camellias colors, all colors in one, from white through pink to red and with interesting pattern. Inspirational level was so high so you couldn’t resist not to paint this amazing flower. Now, from the memory it went to the canvas and ready to be shared with you, my friends.

Available for sale.

Painting framed in white and silver frame and ready to be hang.


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