"White Gardenia Flower" oil on canvas

"White Gardenia flower" Oil painting 100cm x 60cm

This Gardenia flower is from my Garden. Inspiration came one day after rain, when gardenia was in blossom. Water drops were shining like a thousand of diamonds on pure white flowers. I took some flowers and put them in to the blue plate with water. Photos were taken and waited to be painted. Now painting is ready, some people say that flower looks like a white chocolate. Love this analogy.

This painting is not for sale but commissions are welcome!

Any size can be made to order, price will vary. For my artworks I use high quality professional oils and walnut oil as an medium, so the painting will never change the colour.

Please contact me elenavalerieart@gmail.com for personal commissions.

I created a short video about step by step painting process of White Gardenia Flower and uploaded it on YouTube. ❤️Please watch it! ❤️Any comments are welcome! 🤗


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