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ANIMAL PAINTING MASTERCLASS - A Journey Through the Art of Portraiture

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

The month of January was a thrilling time for aspiring artists as they embarked on a 2-day animal painting masterclass. With the new year approaching, the focus was on the water rabbit, the next zodiac animal according to the Chinese horoscope. In this intensive workshop, students learned how to paint a cute hare in the snow, using oil and Alla Prima techniques, with a step-by-step demonstration.

Finished works of animal painting masterclass

Day 1: Tonal Values and Color Mixing

The first day of the masterclass was focused on tonal values and color mixing. Students learned how to control the tonal values and how to mix colors with ease by using color strings premixing. The techniques demonstrated in this session helped students understand the importance of tonal values in creating depth and dimension in their paintings.

Day 2: Eyes and Fur, Brushstrokes, and Background

On the second day, students were introduced to the finer aspects of painting, such as painting eyes and fur, mastering brushstrokes, and approaching the background. This session was a hands-on experience, where students were able to put their newfound skills into practice and create their own paintings.

The masterclass was an intensive 2-day experience, and everyone who attended did an excellent job. The skills learned during this workshop will no doubt help students in their future paintings, as they continue to develop their skills and grow as artists.

We would like to thank everyone who attended the masterclass and made it a great success. We hope that you continue to grow as artists and that this workshop has provided you with the foundation to do so.



"This was such a incredible learning curve, so enjoyable! Thank you Elena- master teacher" - Lis

"Wonderful workshop thank you Elena Valerie. You continue to inspire, excite us and teach us so much. Thank you" Lesley

"It was such a fantastic 2 days of learning different skill sets with such lovely people , loved it, thank you Elena for your guidance" - Helen

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