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Updated: Dec 22, 2023

As the jacaranda season is coming to an end, I was happy to create a painting of a jacaranda flower so that the flower would stay with me all year round. The soothing lilac mood will stay with you throughout the whole year, and instead of having to wait for the jacaranda season, you could just look at the small but beautiful painting and remember the feeling. Like the tree of souls from Avatar, the beautiful purple colour brings out the life in the tree.

This year I did a painting from a live flower sitting on a small branch from the jacaranda tree. It helped me convey the cleanliness of the light purple colour and the space around the flowers that was filled with a kind of lilac light.

Last year, I painted the same flowers from the same jacaranda tree, but on a macro scale, and I was surprised to discover all of the secret parts within the flower. Tiny fluffy and hairy lilac bells with heart shaped petals and when you look close inside, you'll discover a yellow “arrow” with a charming feather like and sparkling tip.

These paintings are available for sale and looking for a home where they will create the same atmosphere that a jacaranda tree makes. They will bring magic and the special feeling of spring into your home.

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